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And those who turn away from Al-Laghw dirty, false, evil vain talk, falsehood, and all that Allah has forbidden. And those who pay the Zakat. And those who guard their chastity i. Except from their wives or the captives and slaves that their right hands possess, for then, they are free from blame; Al-Mu'minun But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors; Al-Mu'minun Muslim girls who are virgins, you cannot put objects in your private parts.

Ahmed Ibn Hamble said it is allowed if you fear falling into zina.

The 10 Laws of Nature. And never will you find in the way of Allah any change.

Answer 1: There is no doubt that all these laws are established by Allah. Question 2: What is meant by "opposites attract" and yet "like attracts like" are you contradicting? Answer 2: When we say opposites attracts we mean male attract female. The opposite sexes and races attract. You are not allowed to be attracted by the same sex.

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Abu Bakr RA said if the story of Soddom was not explained in the Qur'an he would not have imagined it. The unlike poles of magnet attract and the 2 like poles of the magnet repel. Another law says like personalities attract. If a man is compatible with a woman he will marry her. Nobody wants to marry a person who contradicts everything he says. Allah said this in the Qur'an so there is no contradiction.

Brothers and sisters panic if they know they are not compatible with someone. Life is stressful and nobody wants to marry someone they are not compatible with.

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Answer 3: These things are not the same. Incest is having sex with your mahrams. It only makes you a kaafir if you make it legitimate. A gay is a kaafir and is not prayed upon neither is he buried in our buried grounds. There is nothing like gay Muslim. Answer 4: Yes this is hadith no.

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The only time your dua is not answered is when you eat the haram deliberately. Allah said in surah []. That if we follow the pagans and eat the dead meat we will become pagans like them. If you drink alcohol your salah is rejected for 40 days. Q uestion 5: I live in the Heathrow area. Is that correct? Answer 5: This is hahafi fiqh. Your salah in short sleeves is accepted.

If you travel from one town to the other you can shortened your salah.

Authentic Tauheed Paltalk

Surah Al-kafh [part-2]. Question 1: Do we have to recite the whole of surah kahf or some of it?

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  • You read the surah before the imam goes on the mimbar. Question 2 : I would like to ask the shaikh to recommend 5 countries to make hijra to. Brunei, it is a rich country. A Muslim country and the king is planning to implement shariah. The king of Brunei does not want Allah to ask him on the day of judgement. Makkah and Madina, Malaysia, etc. Question 3: In the Tafseer of ayah 14 of Al-Khaf, did the young men proclaim all the branches of Tauheed openly to their people? Answer 3: The branches of tauheed are in surah [].

    It has tauheed haakimiyyah.

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    Surah [] talks about tauheed rububiyyah and Surah [] talks about tauheed uluhiyyah. Al-Kahf So whoever hopes for the Meeting with his Lord, let him work righteousness and associate none as a partner in the worship of his Lord. All the tauheeds are here separated. They are not slided under one another.

    To do this is an act of deception. Question 4: Shaykh what do you think about Eragdon of turkey he seems to be a sincere Muslim but he is not strong enough to establish or call for shariah in his country because the kuffar army and elite of turkey would imprison or kill him. What do you think about us respecting and viewing him as a muslims since there is no shariah in turkey?

    Answer 4: This person is the most popular Muslim leader in the world because he walked out of the talk with the Israeli minister. The Turkish army is a free mason army so this president is trapped. If he wants to implement the sharia the army will take him out. His wife and daughters wear the hijab and he needs to come out of the system.

    He is a part of Nato and sends troops to Afghanistan. This is done by the army not the president. However, heretics such as shias and barelvies who have major kufr and shirk as part of their creed, should be deprived from giving the excuse of ignorance and declared as infidels and apostates of deen at face value, because we don't have time and resource to interview every individual heretic? Answer 5: The shia and burelvis are original kaafirs.

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    To pray salah behind them is baatil and. Shaikh Omar did make takfir on Nasrullah and he is even going to court re: this next week. There is no difference between them and the Christians and the Jews. Answer 6: It means the COS is a myth and the white man does not believe in freedom of speech. The COS is for prostitutes. Those who preach the COS believe that even if their mothers are raped it still exist. Those who preach this have wahn in their hearts.

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    Tafseer Surah Al-Kahf [part-1]. Question 1: Shaikh we know one of the 10 nullifiers of Islam is to believe another shariah other than the shariah of Muhammad s. There are millions of so called Muslims who believe in the satanic creed of democracy. Can the excuse of ignorance be given to them or they made takfir on themselves by accepting the religion of Iblis. Answer 1: There is no doubt democracy is the religion of iblis, will you believe in Islam or democracy? The Muslims who believe in democracy have left Islam.

    Question 2: When did this incident take place the story of the cave? Answer 2: This incident took place in Turkey. It took place years after Jesus. Question 3: what happened after this Peron return with the king at the cave? The cave closed and they went to sleep again? Answer 3: T he cave closed but they were able to leave the cave.

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    • Question 4: Shaikh you said that the pet dog is makruh. If this is so, why did Rasoolullah saw say that if anyone kept a dog without a valid reason i. I can't remember how much of the reward each day, wouldn't this saying of the Prophet s. Answer 4: The word haraam is too strong. It is better to say makrooh, a pet dog is makrooh. A guard dog is permissible as well as a hunting dog but we can keep cats. Question 5: Imran Hussein used the hadith in sahih muslim of the hole being opened and yayuj and majoj are released today is this correct?

      Who are these people? Answer 5: Yajug and majuj have not been released yet. They will be released after the return of Jesus.