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He utilizes this in his compositions Frates, Tabula Rasa, and Spiegel in Spiegel — a process that produces a music strangely both ancient and modern. Spiegel in Spiegel mirror in the mirror is a particular favourite of mine since it also echoes my own fascination with mirrors.

The piece is a musical interpretation of the infinity of images. I love it for its silent pauses and the contrasting dramatic Dies Irae and also for the thunderous drum-rolls and the final extended long-drawn-out organ chord. Listening to his music, I feel that the prism of light is indeed disentangled and that the multiple chromatic tones of his composition.

I M Pei Dies Aged I M Pei, the architect behind the renowned Louvre pyramid, and remembered for a lifetime of designing iconic structures worldwide, has died at the age of His style placed an emphasis on plain surfaces and natural light, using precision geometry to forge a modernist aesthetic with cubist themes.


The Louvre Pyramid, via wiki commons. Lost Islands Dedicated to the Arts The Japanese triennial breathing life back into these deserted islands in the centre of the Japanese archipelago. Imagine boarding the Gozo ferry and being surrounded by contemporary art while approaching your destination. The ferry is generously decorated with framed pictures and collages, the colours of the seats are bright and the whole atmosphere uplifts your mind.

This picturesque region of the Seto Inland Sea has become famous for the Setouchi Triennale, which started in Naoshima, about a fifth of the size of Gozo, houses a number of contemporary art museums and site-specific installations. It was a mayor with foresight who, in , developed the idea to turn the grounds of the Mitsubishi Central Smelting Works into the Naoshima Cul-.

So the Ando Museum is a good starting point for the visit.

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There are still more than 3, inhabitants in Naoshima and the best way to explore the island is by rental bike. On two wheels, you will pass well-kept dwellings and will quickly reach the first house of the Art House Project. Artists took over empty houses scattered about the residential area and turned the spaces into works of art, weaving the history and memories of the homes into their work.

There is Haisha, the old. The Art House Project started in and now comprises seven houses. With each Triennale more places are added, while the Honmura Lounge in the middle of the island serves as a bookshop and Triennale archive. Naoshima is only one of 14 venues of the Setouchi Triennale. Other islands have been included to form The Sea of Hope — Oshima, for example, had previously served as a sanatorium for people with leprosy — and visitors can indulge in island-hopping across the different sites. Theatre, dance and other performances enhance the festival programme, while volunteers lead guided tours that cover local food and.

Artist Chiyoko Todaka b. The island of Teshima was infamous for illegal and dangerous waste disposal, but inhabitants made the grounds arable again. Todaka has placed myriad transparent wings in an agricultural pond, and they float in pairs with the wind — the ephemeral existing in nature or society is her main concern.

To find these values arrogantly neglected makes me angry.

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I see the value and beauty in them, which lead me to this work. With people moving back. Among the Benesse art sites on Naoshima, Teshima and Inujima are a collection of contemporary art spaces. To make the experience complete, one should spend a night at the Benesse House Museum, a facility integrating a museum with a hotel and a sculpture garden at. The Benesse art sites are connected with a shuttle bus that also stops at the Lee Ufan Museum, a tranquil location in resonance with nature, inviting to meditation More information can be found on ww.

She lives in Gozo and travels regularly to art shows and exhibitions around Europe. He says he made his fortune by taking high risks and being lucky.

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He also says that he felt guilty about making so much money through what he calls an immoral activity, and so decided to build a museum. Maybe that sounds too much like an American. MONA opened in with just two pre-existing modernist buildings above ground. The main exhibition halls are spread over 3 levels, all underground, cut deep into the Triassic sandstone on the banks of the River Derwent.

In fact, the more spectacular way to arrive at the museum is by the fast river ferries from downtown Hobart. If you arrive by car you drive up to the museum through the adjoining winery. Either way, you will appreciate its fantastic location and take in some of the amazing outdoor art. The approach of presenting the collection is relaxed; and, like everything else about MONA, very different to the norm. The exhibition rooms are arranged in a random manner and it is up to every visitor to find their own way through them.

Apart from the continuously changing permanent collection, the museum also curates at least two major exhibitions per year. MONA aims to shock. Once you proceed past the cocktail bar you find yourself in front of bit. It is mesmerising: words which are sourced from actual search engines are formed out of water droplets and fall from a height of two stories in a computer-generated waterfall.

This monumental work, inspired by Aboriginal dreamtime, was the starting point for the architecture of the museum — the building was literally built around it. Meanwhile, one room is dedicated to Cloaca, another work by Delvoye. MONA contains so many amazing exhibits, it is difficult to choose which to mention. Pulse Room by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is made of sensors which. The view of architectural reflections in the room that houses by Richard Wilson, an installation of waist-high pools of recycled motor oil, is extraordinary and well worth queuing for.

All the exhibits here are of a superlative nature; personally, I find those by American light artist James Turrell to be the most compelling, transporting you into a different dimension. There is a cinema and a research library housing 14, titles. There is even an actual wedding chapel on the grounds, another Corten steel art work by Wim Delvoye called a blasphemous temple. No matter how much time you spend there, it does not seem to be enough.

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This was the first time I visited a museum that I did not want to sit down, let alone leave. Both France and Sri Lanka have pledged to rebuild landmark buildings, following extensive damage by fire and a terrorist attack respectively. Macron has vowed that the cathedral will be rebuilt.

The Lifetime Achievement Award went to world-famous designer Philippe Starck, while the prize for Communication went to Virgil Abloh — currently artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear collection. The prize for best designer went to Cypriot Michael Anastassiades, while Arturo Vittori of Warka Water was awarded the social impact prize. Initiated by Designboom and Abitare magazine, the Design Prize is an annual award program that celebrates excellence on a global scale.

The show considers how information technologies have become instrumental in advancing some of the greatest challenges we are facing today; the deterioration of freedom of expression leading to the weakening of democratic foundations; the dissociation of publics furthering populist movements and authoritarianism; as well as widespread securitisation and the urgent need to create new points of entry and accessibility. A collaborative exhibition in ceramics and collage that combines sacred images inspired by religious figures and the mundane represented by nature and the soil we walk on.

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Frances Ruijter works in collage, bringing together seemingly random imagery which organically connect. Taken as a whole, the images and pieces spontaneously evoke multiple archetypal narratives and symbolic scenes.

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Even if objects seem to be made of alternative materials — wood, readymade materials, foam and plastics — clay can be found within or outside the work. Where: Valletta Contemporary, Valletta Tuesdays to Fridays: am - 7pm Saturdays am - 5pm vallettacontemporary. Where: art.. The MFA in Digital Arts at the University of Malta is a practice-oriented, interdisciplinary programme that seeks to develop a learning environment in which historical traditions and new practices confront and influence each other within a contextual, cultural and theoretical framework. Maria Papacharalambous studies the theme of transformation, questioning the rigid lines of separation between artistic, philosophical and scientific research, in order to co-create social spaces of Eudaimonia — of good spirits and prosperity.

Viewers are invited to enter a heterotopic space, where demons are transformed into positive traits. All the materials used have been found; collected over many years and sewed together to create an experience that harnesses the symbolic power of natural processes of transformation. Her work focuses on how design, popular images and visual media strategies influence our identity and infiltrate our consciousness.

As such, she explores everyday objects that accumulate in our homes and shops, archaeology, overlooked symbols of different societies and eras, commercial imageries, and the expanding effects of technology on our visual experience and social categories. The Spaces that Connect Us is an ongoing case study that seeks to understand a community that has been authoritatively distanced from a world of wireless communication.

It examines the day-to-day realities of a largely internet-less existence, and searches for commonality with our own relationship with technology.

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  6. Young Maltese artists Emma Fsadni and Martina Camilleri have taken inspiration from a contemporary drawing masterclass with artist Caesar Attard, and collaborated to create Displacing. The collaborative piece moves away from the norms of an aestheticdriven society, revisiting the idea of human touch and sensation. Displacing will be on show at The Splendid in Valletta from 14 to 21 June. Prezenza is a series of paintings by the artist Alex Dalli, curated by Roderick Camilleri.

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    Prezenza is at the. Featuring about objects, films, interviews, letters and photographs telling the story of Stanley Kubrick. Exploring his unique creative process, this exhibition includes a detailed model of the Centrifuge-set that Kubrick had developed for A Space Odyssey; film props such as the infamous Born-to-Kill helmet worn by Private Joker in Full Metal Jacket; costumes designed for A Clockwork Orange, and much more.

    Featuring 75 artists and collectives working in painting, sculpture, installation, film and video, photography, performance, and sound, the Whitney Biennial showcases the pulse of the contemporary artistic moment.