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A lot. The last thing he wanted to do, or was allowed to do by his producers, was take on another project before he delivered a final cut. A series of secret meetings leading up to the Thanksgiving show laid out the game plan. Though Graham claimed over the years that he came up with the concept.

Zoe Sophia in New York: The Mystery of the Pink Phoenix Papers by Claudia Mauner

A script which detailed the set list and lyrics to each song was put together, so the director and head cinematographer Michael Chapman could chart where the cameras needed to be for each number. And rather than turning their lens on the audience grooving, the focus would solely be on the musicians onstage. The form of it was important to me — the camera movement to music, the editing, capturing the live performances. Or even the genius notion of starting the film with the encore, before flipping back to the show proper, in all its 35mm glory?

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And when United Artists gave Robertson and Scorsese more money for some do-overs, they brought everybody back several months later and filmed three extra performances on a soundstage. Long before music videos, Scorsese understood how to film rhythm. If he and his crew were hemmed in by mitigating circumstances at the concert, they could still nail lightning in a bottle. Transmitter Brooklyn, Misc. TSA Brooklyn, Misc.

Why the Band’s ‘The Last Waltz’ Is the Greatest Concert Movie of All Time

Poets House Downtown: 10 River Terrace , 3pm. Westbeth Gallery 12 street: 55 Bethune street at Washington street , pm.

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  5. The Kitchen 19 street: W 19 street , 4pm. Bowery Gallery 25 street: W 25 street, floor 4 , 4pm. Amsterdam Whitney Gallery 25 street: W 25 street , pm. High Line Art 26 street: W 26 street , time not confirmed, check with gallery. Van Doren Waxter 73 street: 23 E 73 street , 2pm.

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    Picture Room Brooklyn, Misc. The Invisible Dog Brooklyn, Misc.

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    Pioneer Works Brooklyn, Misc. Gallery Aferro Newark: 73 Market street , 11am-3pm. Ivy Brown Gallery 14 street: Hudson street, floor 4N , pm. Asia Society 70 street: Park avenue , Free , pm. He likes to go there and hang out and do nothing, he says, maybe take a walk or do a bit of yardwork: he spent the weekend raking leaves.

    Self-effacing, friendly, polite, it's clear he's here under low-grade sufferance; interviews, he says in his quick, metallic, slightly strangulated way, "aren't my favourite thing to do". He is a patient but mildly reluctant witness to his own life, but when the conversation turns to politics — with the Senate still days away from reaching a deal on the government shutdown — the reticence dissolves. I think the Republicans in Congress are holding the country hostage. I think it's criminal. I don't see why they're allowed to do it. They've hijacked it. I don't understand their philosophy.

    I think that in their own hearts and minds there's a reason why they feel they're doing good. But I certainly don't agree with it. And I hope the shutdown effects change. I hope people remember this in the next cycle of elections. If he expresses himself like that rare bird, the blue-collar liberal, it's no performance. He grew up five miles east of Park Slope, where we meet at a diner near his house, in a part he describes as "pretty far out, pretty deep into Brooklyn". There were six of them in a one-bedroom apartment: his parents slept on a sofa in the living room.

    His dad worked for the sanitation department and his mother gave up work as a waitress to look after their four boys. Steve is the second eldest: his older brother Jon is a cable guy for Time Warner, Michael is an actor and Kenneth, the youngest, works for the transit authority on the tracks. Buscemi says he was "always interested in acting", but "didn't feel that connected to the drama department. I felt more comfortable around jocks.

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    When he was 17, his class did a production of West Side Story, and "that was the first role I played, Baby John, the youngest member of the Jets". After high school, he studied liberal arts at Nassau community college, dropping out after one term: "I wasn't taking any theatre, I wasn't doing any sports, it just seemed like I wasn't doing anything that was going to be useful.

    Keen for his sons to have steady jobs, his father persuaded him to take the local civil service exam and he applied for the fire service. He passed, but knew it would be a few years before his name came to the top of the list.

    He figured he had some time to see if the acting or the standup would come to anything. A childhood accident when he was four he was hit by a bus, fracturing his skull resulted in compensation many years later, and the cash helped him "to go to the Lee Strasberg school and take acting classes. It seemed to be the logical thing to do. Attending the school, and commuting from Long Island into the city, was "a big adventure, a big endeavour" and "quite intimidating for me.

    I didn't know the city at all. It was pretty overwhelming. I mean, I sort of knew but didn't feel connected to it. Since he had no agent, he found auditions only by "combing the back pages of the trade papers for student films or big casting calls. I went on a huge casting call for the movie Fame and lasted," he laughs, "less than 30 seconds.